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Hi ! Welcome to MD ALAM profile . I am a Digital Marketing Specialist for all kinds of social media platform,Facebook Ads Campaign,Facebook Business Manager Ads,Google Adsense and SEO . I work as a Digital Marketing Specialist on Upwork and Outside of Market Place.I provide fast ,reliable ,high quality ,low-cost services , professional and to ensure all duties are carried out to the highest standards and within the allocated time frames.I am responsible, honest, efficient, hard-working and independent and able to work effectively under pressure.

About Me

 I am a Digital Marketing Expert.My work areas :social media platform,Facebook Ads Campaign,Facebook Business Manager Ads,Google Adsense and all kind of SEO including websites.
Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World With Digital Marketing and SEO.

Developing with a passion while exploring the world of digital marketing and SEO opens up a realm of exciting possibilities. This journey is a dynamic fusion of technical expertise, creative ingenuity, and strategic thinking. At its core lies the art of leveraging development skills to enhance digital presence and drive impactful marketing campaigns.

In this multifaceted realm, mastering the basics is paramount. Understanding the foundational elements of web development – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – lays a solid groundwork. Complementing this with proficiency in frameworks and libraries like React or Node.js empowers developers to craft dynamic and engaging digital experiences

Transitioning into the realm of digital marketing unveils a landscape rich with opportunities for growth and exploration. Delving into SEO fundamentals unveils the intricacies of optimizing content for search engines, conducting keyword research, and building authoritative backlinks. Content marketing emerges as a powerful tool for storytelling and brand building, while social media platforms offer vast audiences to engage with.

The integration of development and digital marketing is where innovation flourishes. Developers adept in SEO techniques can optimize website performance, enhance user experience, and ensure mobile responsiveness – all crucial factors for search engine ranking. Content creation becomes a canvas for creativity, with developers weaving interactive elements and multimedia content to captivate audiences. Conversion rate optimization, powered by data-driven insights and A/B testing, refines marketing strategies for maximum impact.

Continuous learning and experimentation propel growth in this dynamic landscape. Staying updated on emerging technologies, algorithm changes, and consumer behaviors is essential. Experimenting with new strategies, tools, and platforms fosters innovation and adaptation to evolving trends.

Building a personal brand and cultivating a strong online presence becomes key to success. Through sharing knowledge, showcasing expertise, and engaging with communities, developers carve out their niche in the digital ecosystem.


What Services I'm Providing

I will Provide Digital Marketing, SEO and Website Design.

Digital Marketing

I’m passionate about helping businesses reach their goals. Are you looking for a digital marketing expert to develop your businesses? As an experienced seller, I offer Facebook and Instagram advertising services that can take your brand to the sky. As a professional specialist I can assure you of my ability to learn and adapt quickly!Professional Facebook and Instagram Advertising Services . I can provide a customised approach to help you achieve your targeted objectives, whether it’s increasing your revenue or to improve your online presence.I possess the skills and expertise to help your business succeed

Website Design

Your site will be unique and attractive to see your website.If yes then you’re at right place. I am offering highly professional WordPress Developers are here to create responsive an SEO-friendly stunning WordPress Website and responsive WordPress design that will enhance your business or personal brand.Lets go with my one-stop solution for your online presence, I offer custom and dynamic WordPress website design, redesign that are both elegant and eye-catching.Your site will be unique and attractive too the clients.

Website and You tube Organic SEO:

 I’m your professional , a seasoned SEO expert with a passion for optimizing online visibility and driving organic traffic. With 5 years of experience, I have honed my skills in keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, and staying updated with search engine algorithms. My mission is to help businesses and individuals like you climb the search engine rankings, and achieve sustainable growth.  online dreams a reality. Feel free to contact with me to discuss your SEO needs.

Work Experience

I have been doing Digital Marketing Services,SEO for the past 2 plus years with amazing success and results. .My first priority is client satisfaction.I offer 100% guaranteed work satisfaction to our clients and on-time delivery .Life-Time free support & Unlimited revisions in any situation. My first priority is client satisfaction.Feel free to contact us.

Digital Marketing

My mission as a digital marketing coach and consultant is to help  increase your businesses make fewer right marketing decisions. My services includes:Facebook Marketing,Facebook Manager ads,Facebook boosting, Google ads .I have completed many projects in which we bring more traffic, increase the brand value, create engagement with the customers, boost the sales with different strategies. 

Digital Marketing 95%
Web Designe


I’m a passionate Professional WordPress Website designer. I would like to build a friendly user website for your business using Elementor Pro that helps you attract more traffic. A professional and eye-catching website is a need of every business today. Build WordPress Website With More Functionalities and Modern Looks.LooksPixel-perfect, Responsive WordPress Website With Elementor Pro.

Web Designer 80%
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization 95%

I am a professional SEO expert also generate off page SEO,Technical SEO, audit report, backlinks to help give your sites a boost in the rankings. I can provide you with the best backlink service having 2 years plus experience. Going forward to a strong Business relation with you.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing 90%

I am an expert digital marketing expert. I have strong capabilities and a real plan. I used to decorate affiliate marketing programs from Clickbank, Amazon, and Shopify. Amazon, shopify website design and redesigns.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing 90%

I have work experience of 2 plus years in Email Verification, Email Extraction, I’ve been helping businesses with exceptional email marketing and copywriting.Your speech is powerful, if you use it the right way.

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